Paddington is the first "Loony IRL" robot. It is currently in the build portion of the design process, and it was designed by Jules. 


The central feature of this design is the incredibly unique turret design, paired with a far-reaching intake mechanism, sitting on a basic mecanum drivetrain.


The Turret concept is pulled from FRC team 195's 2019 robot, with a turntable positioned around the elevator so that you don't have to turn the weight of the elevator, ideally reducing jittery behavior in the scoring apparatus.

Scoring apparatus

Part of the theme with this robot is that it has very far reach so it can sit in place and score as many junctions as possible. The scoring extension has two stages of 3-stage Misumi slides, creating around 600mm of extension. The grabber for depositing is a 3 part differential mechanism that uses the rotation of the pinchers to also drive the pivot of the mechanism. 


The intake mechanism consists of 4 stages of viper slides, positioned above each drive-pod and a loony grabber on a driven chain bar arm. the chain bar as opposed to two bar adds variability to the vertical position so it is able to pick up the starting stack.


The drivetrain uses a 2:1 reduction from 1150 rpm gobilda motors. There is not much rhyme or reason to this ratio besides it providing plenty of speed if needed, and enough torque even at lower speeds.