Configurable Shafts + Standoffs

Configurable Shafts

LoonyLib includes three configurable shaft options to make creating custom length shafts very simple:

These docs are much more customizable than those found in the OnShape FTC Robotics Parts Users library, and are intended to be used in conjunction with advanced manufacturing. They make it significantly easier to make custom length shafts for applications where cutting a shaft down to length is necessary. LoonyLib eliminates the need for making these custom shafts in a part studio, which makes your docs easier to navigate and simpler to build.

REX Shafts (configurable)

The Configurable REX Shafts doc allows you to create REX shafts of both the 8mm and 12mm variety. It also includes multiple options for e-clips on both sizes. You can spec a shaft to have one or two e-clips, as well as change the inset for either. 

The configurable e-clips of this doc rely on Onshape's composite part functionality. It allows one part instance to have multiple smaller pieces within it. When importing instances of the Configurable REX Shaft doc, it is recommended to import the composite part instead of the individual parts. This will let you configure the instance from within your doc to add or change the e-clips once it has been imported. 

The names of the instances reflect their length and diameter, making BOM creation easy. The material for all configurable REX shafts, as well as their e-clips, is set to 300 Series Stainless Steel. There is not an easy way within onshape to make this configurable along with infinite length configuration, so for now it is overspecced for the 12REX option. We are working on a solution for this.

An additional feature of the Configurable REX Shafts doc is the ability to turn on or off tapped ends on the shaft. The thread depth is always 10mm, the same as goBILDA's standard thread depth. This applies for both 8REX and 12REX. 

Enabling tapped ends also increases the chamfer on the end of the shaft. The chamfer is 0.125mm without tapping, just to simulate a filed cut edge. The chamfer with tapping is 0.5mm, identical to the chamfering on goBILDA's COTS tapped REX shafts. While this feature is mostly for appearance, it does make it easier to attach shafts to other components using mates because it adds another round edge to the top of the part.


From left to right: 5mm hex, 7mm hex, 1/2" hex, Ultrahex, 3/8" Thunderhex, 1/2" Thunderhex with 0.201" bore, 1/2" Thunderhex with 0.159" bore, 1/2" Churro Tube

Hex Shafts (configurable)

LoonyLib includes one document with 8 different configuration options for creating hex shafts. This single-doc approach allows you to change the size of the shaft even after it has been imported into your design. 

The default material for all eight hex shaft types is 7075 aluminum. This is the most common material among the eight. The material is not configurable at this time for the same reason the material is not configurable with the Configurable REX Shafts doc: it's not currently possible to do along with the infinite length configuration. We are working on a solution for this.


D-Shafts (configurable)

Though they are generally not recommended due to their lack of strength and how easy they are to strip, we created a configurable d-shaft doc. This doc has options for both 1/4" and 6mm d-shaft, and the material for all configurations is 300 Series Stainless Steel. The ends are automatically chamfered to reflect how they come off the shelf.


Configurable Standoffs

LoonyLib includes a doc for adding standoffs with screws to your project. It has configurations for standoff type, screw size, length, and head type, and offsets for each screw. LoonyLib also includes a basic round standoff doc, with adjustable diameter and length.

Standoff With Screws (configurable)



Round Standoffs (configurable)