Meet the Team


Jameson is the founder and captain of The Loony Squad. He is the former team captain of FTC team 10355, Project Peacock, from Tulsa, OK. He is also a 2-time Dean's List Finalist and a National Merit Finalist. He specializes in CAD but also works in manufacturing, programming, assembly, and more. He is currently serving as the President of STEAM Post 26, a community 4-H robotics program in Tulsa, OK.


Jules is a senior on team 10355 project Peacock, and the second co-founder of the loony squad, they have been active in FIRST for 10 years (starting in third grade) and they have been working in CAD for FTC for 5 years. They teach a course for FTC design using PTC Onshape to train future generations of designers in Post 26. They have also served as president of Post 26 for two terms.


16379 - KookyBotz


16750 - Technototes


20760 - Impossible Robotics


16379 - KookyBotz


16236 - Juice


14473 - Future

More information about the individual teams our members come from can be found on the Teams page.