Universal Alliance Markers

First used by 10355 Project Peacock in Freight Frenzy, this alliance marker design has been two years in the making! Its simple and slick design removes the need to keep track of four alliance markers by integrating both colors into one 3D printed piece! The three color part can be printed on any single-nozzle printer with some gcode trickery (video coming soon!). The mount fits the goBIILDA pattern, and is easily printable with tree supports. The whole design is only 8mm thick, making it easy to design into your robot deliberately or slap on the outside at the very end!

Having a universal alliance marker design is highly beneficial to the FTC community because of its simplicity and ease of use. Teams can share alliance markers if they lose them, and they are very easy and inexpensive to manufacture. Making a custom mount for each robot isn't difficult, but the universal mount is easily reusable due to its common mounting pattern. The squares can be swapped between robots across seasons, and the original pair are still in use today by Project Peacock.

Link: cad.onshape.com/documents/b642882734f50d0cf2b5a40f/w/0cd35b2a854c3e85dd7e4e95/e/7dddc964d018b1d2337438cb 

Low Profile Encoder Caps

First tested by Project Peacock in Power Play, these low profile encoder caps shorten Matrix motors by 5mm compared to the stock encoder caps. We have tested running them directly back to back, and have not observed any magnetic interference between the encoders.

These parts are best printed with high resolution settings. We recommend a 0.4mm nozzle and 0.2mm layer heights for accuracy.

Running these encoder caps is legal per <RE16>. Care should be taken to not damage the internals of the encoder during the process. 

Link: cad.onshape.com/documents/ae31de1ed462d38a4cb7ca33/w/709baa56ce0af4417e87cb72/e/276d0c32bffaf4048d07f72e