Configurable Wheels

Traction Wheel 70-105mm (configurable)

Made for custom FTC swerves and tank drives, this wheel design is highly configurable. The diameter is adjustable between 70 and 105mm, and the width is infinitely variable. A 1" width is the default, and is perfect for Andymark Gray Grippy Tread. The wall width surrounding the tread is also configurable for extra strength. Finally, the bore and hole pattern are also adjustable. By default, the wheel has a 14mm round bore, but this can be changed to hex. The diameter can also be configured. The default hole pattern is 4 holes on a 16mm grid (matching the standard goBILDA pattern), but it can be configured to have 8 holes as well as different hole spacing. 

Link: cad.onshape.com/documents/5648bdf95c65accb7f912b1f/w/de2c0e8693d2e323f0366e81/e/7b7981d795d37bf141fb778b 

Gecko Wheels (configurable)

This doc contains all 3 goBILDA Gecko wheels in one place, making it easy to import the one you need. It also makes it easier to switch between sizes as your design evolves. Materials are as they are IRL.

Link: cad.onshape.com/documents/bdf8a2f846d4a2357b49f8a7/w/232a42d9a1e3bb04a48c3bf2/e/66774745bf9c6c1939c30a8f