Welcome to the Loony Squad

We are an international FIRST Tech Challenge CAD Competition team comprised of eight members from six teams. Our members are all from the best of the best of FTC designers, and we have a shared love of FIRST.

Our Mission

Our mission is to push the bleeding edge of what is possible in FTC design. We seek to inspire teams to design better, more effective robots through our example CAD and open source projects. We also pass on our knowledge through tutorials and assisting teams and individuals around the world. 

Our Team

The Loony Squad is a group of 8 individuals from 6 officially registered FTC teams:

Each of our members has their own specialty, and our collective skill set combines CAD, programming, rendering, manufacturing, graphic design, leadership, public speaking, and more.

The Loony Squad is not an official FTC team, nor a company. This gives us more freedom within the FTC community to explore our interests and complete projects without the restrictions that come with either. 

Our Sponsors

The Loony Squad is presented by goBILDA, SendCutSend, and Andymark. Thank you so much for your support! For sponsorship inquiries, please contact us at

How to Join

Membership in the Loony Squad is entirely by invitation. We do not actively recruit, but hand pick the very best people from the FTC community who show proficiency in their fields and interact with others using gracious professionalism. If you are interested in becoming a member, the best way to do so is to be graciously professional, develop your skills with your FTC team, and be active in the FTC Discord.