Chassis Concepts

Differential Ball Drive v4

Jameson's flagship chassis design

Crab Swerve

Jules' FRC-inspired swerve design

Taurus Drive

A very compact mecanum-based design, made to lower the center of gravity of the robot as much as possible; used by 10355 in 2022-23


A mecanum-based design that increases the number of rollers in contact with the ground for better traction

Differential CVT 8wd

A variable speed 8wd chassis powered by a differential CVT

Hailfire Drive

Inspired by Star Wars Hailfire droids

2 Speed 16wd Mecanum

A wacky concept to push the limits of mecanum drivetrains

6wd Mecanum

The ideas of mecanum and 6wd combined using a middle wheel with an internal differential

Mini Mecanum

One of the smallest mecanum drivetrains ever made for FTC

Mini 8wd Rocker

The smallest rocker 8wd drivetrain ever made for FTC

Differential Ball Drive v1

The original differential ball drive design

Differential Ball Drive v2

The second iteration of differential ball drive

6 motor mecanum

Never done before in FTC, this is a drivetrain that uses differentials to distribute the power of two extra motors to the wheels. That makes this theorhetically the fastest FTC mecanum drivetrain ever designed.

Butterfly Drive

Switches between mecanum and 4wd